London, the sun was shining, while Shropshire flooded. Of my many visits to London none have been during the summer. So there were a few things to be seen this one day, however all needed to be navigated around a scheduled Buckingham Palace tour.

Russell Square, first stop. Spring might be better.

Leicester Square a good place to start my wondering on foot along back streets and covered walkways. Meandering down to Pall Mall, then on to Saint James’s Park. I guess spring or autumn bring colours of vibrancy. It was however a beautiful day mostly blue skies, even hot at times.

The Royal Mews, with carriages of gold and exquisite glass is a must to be seen. The Exhibition of the Queens gowns and working dresses/coats, including her coronation gown, her wedding dress and christening gown are all on display. The staterooms are devine, yet somehow seem smaller than shown on TV. Still the blue room, the music room and the beautiful grand yet delicate stair case are my favourites.

London in images here


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